6 Garments Everyone Into Fashion Should Be Wearing This Summer

Last week, I received an email asking, “How do you know when something is going to be a trend?” & “What will be this Summers’ trends?”   Two-part question…love it!

My reply to the first part of the question was, “I know a style is going to be a trend when you can’t wear all of the time…period. For instance, in the 90s when the MC Hammer inspired saggy crotch pants came out, everyone was wearing them! I wanted them so bad.  My mom made a pair for me because we couldn’t afford to buy them in the store. But even then, I knew that they wouldn’t last long. They were a definite trend….Thank God!  But something like a lace dresses is completely different. You can wear it to an office party, wedding, or girls night at the club 5 years from now and be stylish as hell. When it’s a trend, you just know that it won’t be around long.

Summer is T minus 30 days away, so I figured I had to share my answer to the second question.   So, if you consider yourself to be a “fashion person” relax and take note.  Here are 6 pieces you should be rocking this Summer…

  1. A Fun Bag – Unique, statement-making clutches are the top accessories to carry this Summer.
postcard clutch blue labels boutique
Postcard Clutch | Sunnies | Accessories 

2. The PJ Inspiration – Pajama or loungewear inspired looks will make perfect OOTDs. Make sure they are still suitable to wear outside, so leave the boxers at home.   Look for details like piping, covered buttons and pieces made of satin material.

Pink Satin Pajama Inspired Dress Blue Labels Boutique
Model: Lauren Hall | 📷: Aaron Friedlander | Drama Queen Dress
pink satin shift dress blue labels boutique
📷: Aaron Friedlander | Model: Lauren Hall | Drama Queen Dress

3. Denim Dress – The denim dress is forever classic but the update on this one is perfect for the Summer.  Frayed sleeves & trumpet hem…need I say more?

Denim on The Fray Dress 

4.  A kimono – This is definitely not a new style.  The kimono will give you endless style options from formfitting dresses underneath to a tee with denim cutoffs.

Boho Queen Maxi Dress 


5.  Something Blue – Royal blue to be exact.  It will be the bold color to rock this Summer!

royal blue skirt with high slit blue labels boutique
Always Royal Skirt

 6. Cutouts – Cutouts aren’t going anywhere.  Thank goodness. ☺️

baby blue spaghetti strap dress with cutouts blue labels boutique
Model: Sade A. Spence | 📸: @718sean.p on Instagram | Victoria Daisy Dress

Thanks to the bombshell who reached out with her question. Which style is your favorite?

Stay Fearless 💋

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      1. Oh you have no idea! I have so many heels I know I LOVED to wear and I never did anything under 6inches lol thank you modeling for molding me to that lol. So I just need to find a short heel I even like to start with bc heels could make an outfit for me

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