Take Me To The Courts…please!

I absolutely LOVE sourcing new items for BLB!  It is like going on a shopping spree all of the time.  Whether I leave empty-handed or with a cart full, the rush that I get from the whole process is so worth it.  And the excitement that comes all over me when I find something that fits perfectly in the boutique is even better.  Which is why I always give them a name when we “meet”.   There has never been a time when I waited to name a product.  Before I know what’s it’s made of, set a price, or anything else, I always name it the first thing that comes to mind.  That first thought is typically along the lines of, “Where would you wear this?” or “What does this remind me of?”  Is that weird?

It was no different when I found this dress.    Please allow me to introduce you to the To The Courts Dress

4549D3S_Color_3lime, navy & white colorblock tennis dress blue labels boutique

This colorblock beauty features a flirty pleated hem, white leather details and is definitely a fave.  Any ideas why she received her name?

Stay Fearless 💋



Shop the To The Courts Dress $39.99, small – large

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