6 Receipts That Prove That Fashion Isn’t Superficial (As Some Might Think)


When people ask me what I do for a living, it seems like I receive one of two responses. They either look me up and down to decide if I dress the part. You know what I mean, they check out my ‘fit to see if it’s “dope enough” to be a fashion entrepreneur. The other response is what I call the nonchalant look as if it is sooo superficial to appreciate a good dress so much that you want to build a livelihood around it. Either way, it just reminds me just how much fashion doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

The motto Rachael Zoe is known for, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” is 100% on point.  What you decide to wear can make a statement to a whole ‘nother level and all you have to do is smile.  As a a matter of fact, it is probably even bolder than speaking because most times you are judged by what you are wearing before you even open your mouth.

Rocking a top that reads, Messy Bun + Yoga Pants or Too Blessed To Be Stressed in one thing.   But more can be said about alot more things.  Fashion is more than just putting on a dress, it can create a movement and here are the receipts…


  1.  Fashion showed women have a say in what we want to wear. There was a time when women wearing pants was a crazy thought because only men could wear pants, right?!  That thought changed over 50 years ago when Katherine Hepburn made a statement when was the first actress to make the “daring” decision to wear pants in a major motion picture.
Model: Chelsea, Stylish Saturdays Vol. 3 Runway Show
Model: Chelsea | Stylish Saturdays Vol. 3 Runway Show Wearing: Laced Up Bodysuit & All Wrapped Up Leather Mini from BLB

2.   Fashion helped to create a sexual liberation movement.  Back in the day women were required to dress modest which meant wearing layers and layers of heavy clothing including a petticoat and a very uncomfortable corset.  Things began to change during the 1960s, when Mary Quant became one of the first designers to create the mini skirt. (Which may or may not have been named after her favorite style car, Mini).  The short skirt was the total opposite of modest and helped its wearer to say “i’m a feminist” without actually running around yelling out, “I AM A FEMINIST!”

picture of beyonce wearing a Obama shirt

3.  Fashion helped put someone in the White House..maybe.  who didn’t listen when Beyonce told us to vote for Obama?

d 4.  Fashion can help to predict the future.  BLB supports the future being full of love for fearless females and displayed that in the SPIRIT Fashion Show 2017.

Stella McCartney Instagram

5.  Fashion helps to create a positive way to support ladies.  Designer, Stella McCartney shows her support of the ladies in one of her recent runway shows.

Karl lagerfeld in havana, cuba
Karl Lagerfeld, 📷: CNN

6.  Fashion can help bring people together.  There was an embargo with Cuba since the 1960s.  However, the Obama administration announced that two Cuba embargo restrictions would be relaxed, allowing easier travel to Cuba and more commerce between the countries.  Designer, Karl Lagerfeld, showed his support for this change by having a runway show in Havana, Cuba.

I have given you 6 but there are countless examples that prove the no one should ever underestimate the power of fashion.  Put some respect on it!  Do you agree?

Stay Fearless 💋

3 thoughts on “6 Receipts That Prove That Fashion Isn’t Superficial (As Some Might Think)

  1. I agree, fashion is so much more than pretty dresses and jewellery. It is a way to express and women through ages have shown that! Great post. 😇


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