9 Reasons To Be Grateful To Live In Fashion Not Fear

FNF is all about celebrating fearless woman everywhere!  But living fearless is no small feat.  There is certainly levels to this.  One of the ways to fuel fearlessness in woman is by encouraging you to live in fashion not fear.  Simply put…wear what you what, when you want, how you want; without fear of what anyone has to say about it.  If you wake up Monday morning and decide to wear a tulle midi skirt to the office instead of your signature black slacks, then do it!  I say, hell yea, to wearing lace gloves just because.  Why yes! that sheer top does look amazing with your denim mini skirt!  Although this may all seem like basic style decisions to you, it’s not that easy for some people in the world.  There are certain areas of the world where showing your knees can land you in some serious trouble.  That means no denim cutoffs, can you imagine?  Personally,  I would do anything for the right dress…damn near.  But a baggy orange jumpsuit with flip-flops isn’t exactly my idea of setting a trend.  So, you better believe I follow these fashion rules to the tee.

Here are 9 reasons why you should be grateful to live in fashion not fear.

snapchat logo

 Over 450 Iranians were arrested for committing fashion crimes on Snapchat and Instagram.

📷 by Peter Hershey

There are Islamic countries that require women, by law,  to conceal their entire body in public or in the presence of any adult males outside of their family.

Sheer It Up Top | Wrap It Up Skirt

In Qatar, a law was established that punishes and forbids anyone from wearing revealing or indecent clothes.   They even have an organization that created a campaign that targeted those who are not covering their shoulders and knees.  As well as those whos’ clothing is tight or transparent.

(Not actual sign)

In Dubai, there are signs displayed at some malls and shopping centers indicating their dress code.  Shoulders and knees must be covered and no revealing clothes are allowed.  As a matter of fact, breaking the law could get you a warning or you can get arrested.

pic of men sagging pants
📸 – caldwell.com

In the first decade of the 21st century, there was some controversy in some southern U.S. states over sagging pants.  The style was banned in some places.

women showing how to wrap a hijab scarf
📷 http://fashionfetishfete.org (How to wrap a hijab)

In Sudan, woman must wear dresses, socks & hijab.

📸 flaunter

In areas of Iran, women must cover their head with a scarf and wear trousers or a floor length skirt.

📸 Allef Vinicius

In Morocco, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) recommends dressing modestly.  Some consider it disrespectful to show your knees and shoulders.

picture of indian woman wearing hijab
Indian Woman 📸 Oriol Casas

In Saudi Arabia, Saudi women cannot appear in public without their heads covered.

I lived in Izmir, Turkey, for a year.  During that time, my family was advised to dress modest while in public as a precaution.   Everyone has a different perspective.   Some have followed these rules their entire life and don’t know what it is like to wear what they want.  Others, follow for religious reasons, which I can certainly appreciate.

These are just some of the reasons I feel grateful to wear every single spaghetti strap number in my closet.  What about you?  Let me know  in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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