For The Love Of A Pretty Dress

What would you do for your love of fashion?!

Journalist, Sade A. Spence answered that question after we asked her to style the Victoria Daisy dress.

Sade is in Brooklyn, NY and let’s just say they aren’t exactly basking in the sun at the moment.  But I was so excited to learn that the fearless fashionista didn’t let the frigid temps stop her.  Sade rocked it in the dress,  proving not only that she is willing to freeze for fashion.  But she also proves just how sexy you can be in 40 degree weather.  Take a look…

baby blue lace dress blue labels boutique



 📸 All images are by @718sean.p

You can see more of Sade on her blog and keep up with her on IG @sadeaspence.

What’s something crazy you have done for fashion?

Stay Fearless 💋

baby blue victorian dress

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10 thoughts on “For The Love Of A Pretty Dress

  1. love this dress and its color is perfect on your skin tone, I blog too so maybe you could check my site and tell me what you think about it as i start, just left a like and followed 🙂 xoxo


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