9 Reasons To Take Your Pants Off

It was recently announced that Blue Labels Boutique is now a dress boutique.  Moving forward you will find the best styles of dresses, skirts, and accessories. We are growing and adding new dress styles each week and I couldn’t be more excited!  To be honest, it was originally the plan to open as a dress boutique but at the last minute, I changed my mind.  Damn fear.  But after much thought,  I decided it was time to change the game and go with my original plan.  I have ALWAYS loved dresses.  Dresses and skirts have been my go to style for every occasion for as long as I can remember.  You will often find me on Saturday mornings in a mini with a pair of sneakers at my nephews basketball game.  Or a maxi with sky high wedges while on a shopping trip with my boo.

“You’re always overdressed”

is something that I’ve heard from my older brother more times than I can count.  But some people just don’t get it, poor guy.

Since you will now be able to shop a curated collection of some of the most stylish and classic styles in the game, it would only be right to give you some reasons to take your pants off, right?!

Here are 10 reasons :


  • Dresses let air flow, pants don’t.  The heat gets REAL when you’re having a day out especially in areas like Texas.  Having a day out means that there will be times you will be pretty much begging for some air.  The sweat stains alone give me nightmares.  A summer breeze in the right places are just what a girl needs on a hot day.  Only a dress can make that happen.

Red Cape Dress $15.99
  • Jeans aren’t meal friendly.  Who doesn’t have those dinner dates when you decide to go extra hard on the chips and guacamole?  Now, those are the days a billowy dress is made for!

  • Dresses can easily go from casual to dressy by changing your shoes.  Tennis shoes and flats say casual but throw on a pair of heels.  It will instantly change the game.


  • Dresses take up less space in your bag.  Most of us, plan on taking some sort of trip this season.  Jeans and trousers require a coordinating pieces, right?  That means more space taken up in your bag.  Avoid those ridiculously high baggage fees by packing dresses.  You will have more outfit options on your vacay.  Plus, the airlines don’t charge for carryons…yet.
Floral Flutter Dress $12.99
  • Buying a dress means that you’re getting a complete outfit.  That sounds easy enough.

To The Courts Dress $39.99
  • You can pick length options based on your mood.  Are you feeling a mini, midi, or maxi today?

picture of men dancing with their shirts off
📸 – Samuel Dixon
  • It has been proven, kind of, that dresses brings more boys to the yard.  The Express Tribune poll is just one example of reports that support this.
girl riding bike in a dress
📸 – Blubel


  • Some dresses are magic.  I’m not kidding!  One of my favorite designers, DVF, created absolute body magic when she created the wrap dress.  This silhouette (and others that pull you in at the waist) will create an hourglass shape unlike any other style.  If you don’t have one then let me ask you, “What are you waiting for?”

plaid mini dress blue labels boutique
Don’t Plaid With Me Dress $39.99
  • Two words…skinny jeans.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a great pair of skinny jeans like everyone else.  Hell, they are one of the reasons why I go to the gym 4x’s a week.  But they aren’t exactly what I would call comfortable.  Let’s be honest, I cringe even thinking about wearing them when I’m having one of those days.  I’d much rather be in a button up sneakers.  How ‘bout you?

Are you a dress lover?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Stay Fearless 💋

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