How To Protect Your Skin Before, During, & After Spring Break ’17

Heading to the beaches for spring break in a couple weeks and you’re just realizing that your pale, dry complexion isn’t quite bathing suit ready? Before you think about hitting the tanning beds to get a base tan, try following healthier options to prepare your skin for sun exposure.  After all, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. And artificial tans don’t protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

There is more to protecting your skin from sun damage than just using sunscreen. Kayla Mackie from has provided some easy tips and tricks on how you can prevent your skin from sun damage and how you can show off your sunkissed glow weeks after vacation.

feet lounging at the beach

BEFORE you take off for the sandy beaches, exfoliate and hydrate! Getting rid of the dead winter skin will give you a fresh, clean layer, making it easier to get a healthy tan. Be sure to lather up with antioxidant rich moisturizers and drink plenty of water weeks prior to your vacation. Hydrated skin makes the perfect base for SFP. Last, but definitely not least, skip the tanning beds and instead, try to get some natural vitamin D. If you insist on getting a pre spring break tan, try going on a walk or run outside a few times a week leading up to your departure.  The weather might not be nice enough to sunbathe, but the warmer days leading up to your vacation are a perfect excuse to get a last minute workout in while also exposing your skin to some natural sunlight.

a view of the ocean

DURING your vacation, protecting your skin might be the last thing on your mind. A few quick tips to keep in mind while you’re soaking up the sun are to apply SPF 30 minutes before sun exposure. An easy way to remember to do this is to apply your sunscreen when you’re putting on your bathing suit. Bringing a sunhat or UV resistant clothing, like these rash guards from Roxy will benefit you if there are not many shady areas around. Make sure to reapply sunscreen, take breaks from the sun every so often and drink water! The sun will only decrease your energy levels, so taking breaks is key if you want to last all day.

swimming in the ocan

AFTER all the fun in the sun is over, it’s ideal to rejuvenate your skin. Get a facial to repair any skin damage and clear pores of oils and old sunscreen. Facials or face masks infused with green tea have so many beauty benefits, especially for tender, sunburned skin. Can’t afford a facial after an expensive vacation? Try making your own DIY green tea face mask which includes ingredients that you probably have laying around your kitchen. Keeping your skin hydrated will help prolong your vibrant vacation glow. Using moisturizers with coconut oil will not only make you smell like you’re still on vacation, but your tan will stick around a little longer making you feel like you never left the beach!

These tips should help ease your mind while on vacation, knowing that you are armed with all the important steps it takes to maintain your healthy skin!

Thanks to Kayla for sharing this important information.

Stay Fearless 💋

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