Here Is Our Top Pick For Bringing In Spring + Giveaway Winner Announced

Spring 2017 is a little bit over 2 weeks away (March 20th to be exact).  The sunny days and warm temps are nice but who is eagerly anticipating the bold colors and patterns that pop up during this time?!

The Too-Tied Dress is one of our top picks for celebrating the arrival of Spring.  It comes  in our favorite color of the moment, royal blue. Plus, the tie up sleeves add the quintessential characteristic needed for any fashion not fear approved outfit…a unique detail.

The Too Tied Dress (sizes s-l $29.99)

New Spring finds are being added to BLB in the upcoming weeks!

Congratulations to @theselfishunicorn on Instagram. She is the winner of the Lady Luck Bag.  Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure to enter this months giveaway.   What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

Stay Fearless 💋

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