Tips On Celebrating Friendships Like Grown Folks

It seems like the older I get, the less friends I have.  Do your feel the same way?

As a kid, meeting new friends and having half a dozen or so besties to call on was a piece of cake. Every weekend you would find me at a birthday party, study group, or being dropped off with friends at the mall to shop for boys or school clothes (so our parents thought).

Friendships became even more important going through my 20s. Life becomes more real and bash because it was time to get a job and work, work, work, work, work. But don’t get it twisted…my weekends (and some weekdays) were reserved for my besties. We hit any concert we could get into, crowd surfed at festivals and danced at the club until the lights came on. Literally. We celebrated our friendships every chance we got for absolutely no reason at all.

But somewhere along the line, things changed.  The invites slowed down and the events just weren’t as fun as they used to be. “I can’t go because I have to take my lil’ nugget to ballet practice.” Or “I have to work a double this weekend so I need my sleep” are the reasons for declining invites these days.  Which is great…people grow up, interests and responsibilities change.

Like most of you, the majority of my day is spent working. Then after squeezing in family-time, gym-time, and dinner-time, there isn’t time left for much else. But growing up doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in the house. If you are grown and find yourself in a Low Friend or No Friend Zone, then celebrating the friendships that you do have might need to be moved towards the top of the list. Maybe you can’t meet up every weekend and who has the time for that anyway?!  But you can definitely plan a get together to celebrate the new lives you have. Check out this super, easy way to throw a get together for grown folks.

💙 What To Wear

Before I make a dish, pour a drink, or send an invite…I have to make sure that my outfit is party ready. Since I am planning a low-key event at the house, I went casual with a WildHeart Tee and jeans.


💙 Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

Sending a group text to the guest list sounds easy enough but the constant phone dinging is enough to drive me insane.  I avoid the stress altogether, by using Eventbrite.  It allows you to set the time and provide all of the details of the shindig.  Once that’s done, you can use it to email invites to your guests and/or share it on your social media.  Then (at your leisure) you can log on to their event planning page track which guests accepted or declined. No more of the phone craziness…thank God!

💙 What To Drink

If you are inviting adults, then you must serve cocktails.  It’s a rule somewhere. 😉 You can make this easy Champagne Cocktail.  All you need is a bottle of champagne, cranberries, and limes.  Mix the cranberries and champagne into a pitcher and let it chill in the fridge.  When your guests arrive, pour the champagne and cranberry mixture into a glass and squeeze a lime wedge into it.  You can put the lime wedge on the rim as decoration.

💙 What Are They Gonna Eat?

Im not much of a cook so simple is key with me.  Homemade pizza is easy and can be very healthy!


After the food and drinks, include a game to keep the party moving. There are so many game apps that you can easily download.

Things to remember…

At this moment, I dont have children of my own. But I know what it’s like to attend a party full of friends and kids. Check with friends to see if they are brining the kiddos. If so, set some pizza aside for them  and keep them entertained. Have you ever been to a get together that has hungry, bored kids?! It’s a whole different party. Save yourself the dram by grabbing a game or crafts for them. Or ask the parents to bring something for entertainment.

Cheers to celebrating friendships like the grown folks! 🍾 When was the last time you got together with friends?

Stay Fearless 💋

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