It Has Pockets?! Just asking…

This girl right here loves her a good pocket!  Who else is with me?!  And by “good pocket” I mean one that fits two basic requirements.

 Requirement number 1 – it has to be a working pocket.  I never have nor never will I understand the point of having fake pockets that are either sewn shut or those that have the little slit as if a pocket exists.  What’s the use if it won’t hold my phone or chapstick?!

Requirement number 2 – is that it must be properly placed.  That means no pocket right on the side of my hip that makes my hips look 2 inches wider.  There’s nothing wrong with curves but don’t give me any that don’t belong to me.  I have enough!  Proper placement would be if it were higher above your hips and a bit towards the front to help with that whole hourglass figure we all love.

I was reminded of my need for proper pockets earlier this week when I was headed to a business lunch.  After getting dressed, I headed down the stairs with shoes, a bag, hairbrush and lipstick in tow.  When I finally walked outside and turned around to lock the door I realized that I could free up my hands to lock it when I slide my phone and lipstick in my pockets.  “Wait a minute, this skirt has pockets?” I thought.  Before heading to the luncheon, I took a moment to take some quick shots of my new favorite skirt.  Check out how the Just Asking Skirt answered my pocket prayers . 😉




Are you a pocket lover too?

Stay Fearless 💋


Shop the Just Asking Skirt, $39

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