Fearless Woman: Sally Holden

Happy Fearless Woman Friday ūüíô

I am excited to introduce you to Sally Holden.  In 2008, Sally found herself feeling completely lost.  During this time she experienced such difficulties as struggling to support her two daughters as a single mother making $300 per week to grieving the loss of her mother.

Fast forward to 2017 and Sally¬†lives comfortably with the¬†six figure income she built. ¬†You might find her¬†cliff hang gliding, supporting her clients as a life coach, running a triathlon, empowering her daughters or working at her new Kinesiology clinic. ¬†Wondering how she completely changed things around?¬† I’ll let her give you the deets on her fearless life in this weeks’ episode of Fearless Woman. ¬†Let the inspiration begin!


To keep up with Sally, you can check out her website www.sallyholden.com.au or find her on FB @sally.holden3.  Leave a comment and let me know what inspired you bout her story.

Stay Fearless ūüíč


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