Don’t Kill Your Vibe By Wearing Neckwear With This…

I love a good accessory like the next person.  In fact, you can’t stop me from rocking a good statement necklace.  But there is nothing like wearing something that requires nothing but shoes and maybe a bag.  Let me take that back, every outfit requires a bag!

There are certain garments though, that you wouldn’t dare kill by wearing it with a necklace, choker, or any other type of neckwear for that matter.  Simply, because it just wouldn’t work with your outfit.  Maybe the embroidered dress with the gold chains looks too busy or maybe that velvet choker isn’t quite right with that top.  As fun as fashion can be, who has time to deal with all of those questions?  Sometimes a girl just needs something that she can throw on and rush out.  Isn’t it refreshing to know that you don’t always have to find the perfect décolletage accessory before running out the door?  Check out the these non-vibe killing outfits that you wouldn’t dare wear neckwear with.  You’re welcome by the way. 😌

white black crochet dress

Coveted Crochet Dress $79.99

red womens top with ruffles blue labels boutique

Ruffle Up Top $51.00


The Serena Dress $35.00


Native Top $45

navy womens choker top blue labels boutique

Choker Top $39.99

red peasant embroidered womens top

No Time For Peasants Top $52.00


Turtleneck $29.99


Pardon Me Jumpsuit $79.00

Sometimes less is more, as you can see.  Which is your favorite piece?

Stay Fearless 💋

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