Fearless Woman: Julie Coraccio

Happy Fearless Woman Friday 💙

FNF is excited to introduce you to this fearless lady!  Julie Coraccio is the first professional organizer in North Carolina who specializes in being green.  So, how does one go from being at a job where she is miserable to owning a successful business?  You have to check our her inspirational story to find out…

Follow Julie to help you clear out the clutter.  Feeling inspired?  Let us know in the comments….

Stay Fearless 💋

2 thoughts on “Fearless Woman: Julie Coraccio

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be interviewed for your series! I love how you are encouraging other women to live fearless lives.

    I wanted to clarify that in 2009 I was the first PO in North Carolina who specialized in being green; others are now doing green organization as well. I apologize that wasn’t clear in my video.

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