9 Tips To Being Fearless In Fashion For 2017


“Live in fashion not fear”
“Fear holds you back, fashion takes you places.”

One of the goals at Fashion Not Fear, is to fuel the fearlessness in you.  Being fearlessness makes you feel like you can do anything in the world.  And who wouldn’t want to feeling?!

FNF believes one of the best ways to present your fearlessness is through the most universal language, fashion. Being fearless in fashion doesn’t mean that you just throw on anything and walk out of the door. It is more like a state of mind. You wear what makes YOU feel good, styled how YOU like, without a thought of what anyone else thinks about it.  Plus, you do it with so much confidence that no one can tell you anything and they won’t even try!  Sound like a plan?

Well then check out these 9 tips that will keep you fearless in fashion in 2017:

black woman holding money up at vendor show

Fearless Tip #1 – Think twice before buying, if it costs more than $100

No matter the budget, $100 is a nice piece of change. Don’t waste it on something that you’re not completely in love with! Super trendy items won’t be in style next season, possibly next month so don’t waste the money.

thigh high boots with black dress

Fearless Tip #2 – Thigh high boots make everything look good.

Thigh high boots makes anything look sexy.  And sexiness in fashion is definitely for the fearless.  Over jeans, with a short skirt, with a maxi skirt…you can’t go wrong.  Keep a good pair of thigh highs in your closet.

hand wearing gold stack rings

Fearless Tip #3 – Give your nails the big O

Oval shaped nails are fashion forward and fearless. A manicure is one of the easiest ways to bring on the fearlessness.

Ellie putting on bold lip color

Fearless Tip #4 – When in doubt, wear a bold lip color.

Ever had those times when you feel under-dressed or like your outfit is missing something? Slide on some bold lipstick and you will instantly see a difference. Red lips, for instance, take you from casual to glam. It’s the perfect accessory!

black women kissing herself in the mirror

Fearless Tip #5 – Remind yourself who you are, so you won’t be waiting for someone else to do it.

Confidence is key to being fearless. But the confidence has to come within and not from others.  Look in the mirror to remind yourself, write out daily affirmations…whatever it takes.  Value yourself so that others around you will too!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Fearless Tip #6 – Know Your “It” Piece

Find that one garment that always makes you feel and look good.  It doesn’t matter what time of month or event. Once you find it (if you haven’t already) put it on whenever you need a bit of a pick me up.   There’s nothing like a great outfit to do that trick.  For me, it a slinky black jumper. What’s yours?


Fearless Tip #7 – Focus On Your Uniqueness

We were all created to be different. So, why do some people spend so much time trying to be like someone else?  Focus on what is unique about you and learn to love it!

black women is burgundy top and trousers

Fearless Tip #8 – Wear a bra that makes everything sit in the right place

One of my favorite style tips to share is to wear a good bra. It makes your clothes fit and hang on you better. Plus, nice looking cleavage never hurt anyone.

blue labels boutique on social media

Fearless Tip #9 – You are more than how many likes or follows you receive.

Social media is a powerful tool that let’s you connect with people all over the world. It is super fun and what was life like without it? But don’t let it be TOO powerful in your life. The amount of likes or follows should not give value or take away any value from your life.

Remember, being fearless doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when you are afraid or feeling less confident.  It just means that you are feeling the fear, but doing it anyway!  Which tips would you follow in 2017?

Stay Fearless 💋

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