How To Bring Something Blue To The Next Wedding You Attend


Have you received any yet?  I’m talking wedding invites! If you haven’t, don’t worry.  We are only a few days into the new year.  And since approximately 2.1 million couples get married each year, your invite is bound to arrive!  There was a time when my inbox and mailbox was flooded with wedding invitations.  Ok, so flooded sounds exaggerated maybe the word consistent is more appropriate.  But at least once a month, there was a wedding to attend.  At one point gift cards and wedding gifts were calculated in my monthly budget.

Lately, the invites are less consistent but they still arrive, none the less.  And no matter how many weddings I’ve attended, there has not been a time when the bride didn’t bring up one or all of the seemingly crazy superstitions.  Either “the bride & groom can’t see each other the night before the wedding”, “it can’t rain on the wedding day“, “it CAN rain”, “the bouquet must be thrown over a certain side”…they go on and on.  Not to mention “something borrowed, something blue”.  However, that one didn’t seem so crazy after learning that something blue represents purity, love, and fidelity for the union.  Who wouldn’t want that for any couple?  So when Zoe from, Milly Bridal UK, reached out to ask Fashion Not Fear what we would wear to attend a wedding this year.  I happily answered, “something blue”.

Check out 4 dresses to wear to your next wedding, that will wish the happy couple purity, love, and fidelity for years to come!

High Neck Chiffon With Beading
Vintage Inspired Lace With Trumpet Hem
Satin Strapless With Beaded Bodice
V-neck Chiffon With Asymmetrical Hem

Milly Uk offers so many different styles in this hopeful hue.  And don’t be afraid to shop the Bridesmaid Dress UK and Wedding Dresses UK options that they have available.  No one has to know.  😏 Do you believe in any of the wedding superstitions?

Stay Fearless 💋

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