Fearless Woman: Anita Bentata

Happy Fearless Woman Friday  Saturday!  💙

We usually feature our fearless woman on Friday but we decided to make it Saturday this week.  I figured since today is the last day of 2016, might as well kick off the new year with some inspiration that we could all use.

I am excited to introduce you to this weeks’ fearless woman.  Anita Bentata became fearless at age 16.  How does a woman become fearless at such an early age?  When you have been through some of the things that life has presented to Anita, it might help you to understand better.

Feeling inspired? Leave a comment and let us know. If you would have a fearless story to share and would like to be considered for your own episode, email me at Kristie@bluelabelsboutique.com. I hope you all have a wonderful celebratory weekend and we will see you in 2017.

Stay Fearless 💋

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