3 Tips A Fashion Girl Can Use To Keep Leather So Fresh and So Clean, Clean…

I recently emailed a customer to follow up with her to see how she felt about a leather dress she purchased from BLB.  Her reply was, “The dress is cute but it is wrinkled and I don’t know how to get the wrinkles out.”  I promptly replied with a list of care tips to rid the dress of wrinkles so that she can get right to styling it.

Today, I was reminded of our conversation when the temperature hit 27 degrees and I found myself in the back of the closet digging out my leather pants, dress, gloves and all things leather!  Denim is cool but leather or faux leather in this case will definitely keep you warmer and some might argue more stylish.

So, if you have find yourself breaking out the leather or shopping for some, you can follow these easy tips that will keep your leather so fresh and so clean, clean!

tan leather dress burgundy suede heels burgundy puff keychain

Tip #1 – It goes without saying that you should never apply a hot iron directly to leather.  It will melt, in case you didn’t know.  Instead, you can lay a thick towel or cotton pillowcase on top of the leather garment.  Then iron it.  Or turn it inside out, cover it with a towel.  Make sure the iron is on a low/medium setting and keep your hands moving!   Keeping the iron in one position could damage the material.

picture of laundry basket

Tip # 2 – Spot clean with warm water.  Never, ever toss a leather item in the washer.  Spot clean dirty areas with warm water and mild soap.  You can also hand wash and hang to dry.

Clark Street Mercantile Hanging Clothes

Tip # 3 – Let it hang or lay flat.   When ordering online, it is possible than the item may get wrinkle while being folded during shipping.  Once it arrives, immediately remove the item from the packing materials and hang it.   Make sure it is hanging properly on the hanger or    lay out flat to avoid creases and other bumps.  It will help the wrinkles to start falling out naturally.  Always keep it stored that way to keep the wrinkles from returning once they are gone.

It is that easy!  Special thanks to the customer who had the question, you know who you are.  😉  How do you care for your leather?

Stay Fearless 💋



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