For Fringe Addicts Only

I buy it as soon as I can get my hands on it, I choose it over most other style details,  I would go above and beyond to get it.  “My name is Kristie and I’m addicted to fringe.”  It has taken me a long time to recognize that I actually have a problem or do I?  I mean, am I the only fashionista that finds this ornamental border of loose material addictive?!  I think not!

Fringe adds edginess, glam to anything it gets its hands on.  There is also something about feeling those tassels of material sway as you move that makes people take note.  And isn’t that the whole point, anyway?

Last week, I went to my parents house and walked in on them watching a tv show, Rizzoli & Isles.  During the show, one of the main characters suggested that the other main character buy some new clothes to update her style.  The style challenged character bought a suede and leather moto jacket that had fringe along the shoulders to update her wardrobe.  Instead of the women appreciating this magnificent piece of art they did just the opposite by basically calling it a gaudy mess.  This jacket was a fringe addicts dream!  It’s so unfortunate that they didn’t know a good thing when they see it.  No wonder why I don’t watch the show.  smh

But who’s worried bout naysayers, anyway?  To prove that fringe and I will continue to be soul mates, I’ve curated a list picks from Blue Labels Boutique for you and/or for the Fringe Addicts in your life. 😉

Fringe Backpack $49
Fringe Satchel $44.99
Goldie Dress $39.99
Fringe Suede Choker $15
Royal Goddess Head Chain $15
Cut It Out Clutch $29
Get Your Bangles Together $25
Tassel Bag Accessory $15
Paladin Body Chain $19

As you can see, you don’t have to wear a jacket lined in fringe to show your love.   From subtle to all in your face, there are all kinds of ways to feed your fringe addiction.  Are you an addict?

Stay Fearless 💋

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