Reasons You NEED A Turtleneck + Turtleneck Fun Facts

Turtlenecks are great especially for this time of year.  But they seem to have a shaky reputation, would you agree?  Think about it, how often have you seen this garment on a must have list or as a top stylist pick?   When was the last time you overheard a co-worker say, “I really need to get me a turtleneck”.  Sadly, turtlenecks are often passed over on the clothing racks and retail tables.  But just because this garment is forgotten about by some, doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a true closet staple.  Take a look at our list of reasons why a turtleneck should be getting their just due in the fashion world.  Plus, fun facts to support them!

Turtlenecks are internationally stylish. 

Fun Fact:  Asking, “Where are your turtlenecks?” to a boutique clerk in certain areas is useless.  The United Kingdom refer to them as polo necks while Australians call them skivvies.
Turtlenecks are a classic that has endured the changes of style for centuries.
Fun Fact: Though the origin of the turtleneck dates back to around the 15th century, they become popular during the late 1900s.  Originally worn by people who were thought to work unskilled jobs like soldiers and officers.  However in the 20th century, more intellectuals who were artists and philosophers started to rock them.
A Black Turtleneck is for the bad girl not the basic.  
Fun Fact:  In the 50s, wearing a black turtleneck became a way to show off your rebellious and independent side.  For example, a fearless fashionista would wear a black turtleneck to a formal event rather than a black tie.  
Turtlenecks are versatile.
Fun Fact:  Women in the 1950s really feminized turtleneck styles by pairing it with full skirts, bedazzled jewelry and other girly trends.
Turtlenecks can be sexier than a cleavage baring top.
Fun Facts:  These days wearing something that makes you appear naked, is the look some aim to achieve.  We see so much sin on social media and tv that we can become desensitized to it.  But choosing a turtleneck over a top that leaves nothing to the imagination can change your fashion game.  Your lady lumps can still be on display but in a more modest way.  Modesty can be a real head turner, nowadays.
Love it or leave it, the turtleneck is here to stay!  Are you a fan of the turtleneck?
Stay Fearless 💋

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