How To Coordinate With Bae Without Looking Cray

Back in the day, dressing exactly like your sister, cousin, or BF was the thing to do.  There was a time when I would coordinate all of my outfits with my BFF.  You couldn’t tell us anything as we pranced around the school yard in matching pleated skirts and Keds with red shoelaces.

Fast forward to my teen years and things were exactly the opposite.  You wouldn’t catch me dead wearing the same thing as anyone else.  As a teen, it was all about showing off uniqueness plus, I was just too cool for that or so I thought.

The idea of coordinating with your bae as a grown woman may sound crazy enough to make you want to run away.  But don’t put on your running shoes just yet.  Adulthood has taught me lots of things including that coordinating with your boo can be fun and stylish!  You will be happy to know that you don’t have to look like a couple who needs to be checked into an insane asylum the next time you two dress alike.  Check out these 5 outfits that will inspire you for the next time you plan to coordinate with your boo.






outfit with jeans, crop sweater, pink shoes, pink hat, lady luck bag blue labels boutique


bonobos leather jacket, printed shirt, denim & boots









(Women OOTDs available at Blue Labels Boutique | Men OOTDs available at Bonobos)

tips on how to coordinate with your significant otheRemember, a couple that styles together, stays together.  Which is your favorite look?

Stay Fearless 💋

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