Thanksgiving OOTDs When Meeting The In-Laws + What It May Say About You

We are about 12 days away from Turkey Day which means 2 things: lots of eating and spending time with family.  And if you are attached at the moment, then some of that family time will likely be spent with the in-laws.  Having already known and spent lots of time with your sweeties fam’ means that choosing a Thanksgiving Day outfit is effortless.  Why?  Well, because you are already in there like swimwear meaning they know you and they know what they are getting.  But picking an outfit when meeting your potential in-laws for the first time can be stressful enough to make you want to lock yourself in a closet.  Especially during the holidays.   Styling yourself in the wrong outfit is an image that will forever be burned in their brain.  So, that skintight mini sweater dress with thigh high boots should probably be worn on a different day.  I’m sure it does look great on you BUT don’t make the in-laws stare down at their plate all day to avoid looking at your lady lumps during dinner.  Mama won’t be impressed, trust me!  Whether we are willing to admit it or not, you will be judged by your OOTD.  All the more reason why taking a lil’ more consideration in what you wear will be so worth it, right?

Check out these 4 Thanksgiving OOTDs that will give you the title of Daughter-in-law in no time.  Plus, what the outfit may say about you…

Thanksgiving OOTD #1 – “She’s an elegant, classy lady”

pink pleated skirt with black bodysuit blue labels boutiqueBodysuit | Skirt | Accessories | Shoes – Pinterest

Thanksgiving OOTD #2 – “She is a no frills chic with a cool demeanor.

red boho top, denim flare blue labels boutique

Top | Accessories | Denim Flares – Pinterest

Thanksgiving OOTD #3 – “She is conservative and kind.”

black turtleneck, suede skirt blue labels boutique

Top | Skirt | Bag & Accessories

Thanksgiving OOTD #4 – “She is a smart with great style.”

wool camel plaid off the shoulder top and wool culottes blue labels boutique

Top | Culottes | Accessories

To leave an even bigger impression do your homework by asking your s/o what the attire is usually like i.e. dressy, casual, formal, etc to make sure you fall in line.  Stay ahead of the game by inquiring about planned activities so that you and your outfit are up for the challenge.  And finally, don’t arrive empty handed.  A casserole, bottle of wine or even a simple thank you card can seal the deal.  Now that you know what to wear, you can focus on more important things like upcoming Black Friday Sales.  Which is your favorite look 1, 2, 3, or 4?

Stay Fearless 💋


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving OOTDs When Meeting The In-Laws + What It May Say About You

  1. Spending time with family? Never forget the fact that you can choose your friends but not your family. Beautiful outfits by the way. You would welcome anybody wearing them into the family.


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