Styling In The Pigment Of The Season

Each year, one or two colors seem to outshine all others hues available during the season.  It’s not like the color wheel is recreated or anything like that.  But frontrunners pop up each season that get more play than the always reliable black, camel, and denim options.  It only takes a moment to see runway and fashion editorials pushing particular colors to the forefront as a way to say THIS is the color to wear, boo.   This years leader of the pack is burgundy or some shade close to it.  Variations of wine, crimson and dark, deep reds are in being rocked in everything from sueded leggings to lip color.  And the richer the shade, the better!

Lucky for you, we’ve saved you some time by curating a list of items available at Blue Labels Boutique in one the pigments of the season.

wine red cape shift dress
Stella Cape Dress $65

burgundy lacefront shift dress blue labels boutique

Don’t Wine Dress $69



Buckle Me Up Trousers $45

Sheer Top $29.99
Boho Maxi Dress $29.99


Are you feeling the color of the season?

Stay Fearless 💋


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