IG: The Rewind

Happy Monday! Some of you might not put the words happy and Monday together for various reasons. Mainly because 2 days of being off from work is long enough to start thinking about never going back. I try always look at Monday’s as a fresh start to make an impact or improve on something. It’s like a weekly reset button.

In addition to the reset button, we decided to also push rewind on Instagram. Here are 3 of my favorite shots that was shared on the @bluelabelsboutiques‘ page.

wearing color block sweater blue labels boutique
Don’t Block Me Cardigan


This top view of one of my favorite sweaters is everything! The Don’t Colorblock Me Sweater is perfect for jeans and those baggy sleeves, need I say more?

bee bangle gold
Bee Bangle


This shot really showed off the details that I appreciate about the Bee Bangle.  It’s a unique piece that will make your wrist happy.

pic of BLB owner holding sign at vendor show


BLB had the pleasure of going to Houston to be a vendor at their annual mural festival.  The short drive from San Antonio to Houston was amazing.  But once we got there, it seems like everything that could’ve went wrong, did.  The brand new canopy that arrived days before was missing parts. For some unknown reason, the clothing racks were acting crazy so we could only use one. There was no room for a table to display things. So I had to stack plastics tubs and cover it with a tablecloth.  Did I forget to mention that it was 90 degrees out? But none of this mattered because the show must go on  So if it meant standing under the blazer sun while holding the company banner, than that’s what it meant.  Anything for fashion!  Thanks to everyone who shopped with BLB out there!

There you have it, 3 of my favorite things shared on IG last week. Follow us @bluelabelsboutique to get your fearless dose.  If you’re an IG user, comment with your handle below so we can be social! 😉

Stay Fearless 💋

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