The Next Runway Show

If you have been following FNF, then hopefully you know that styling models in Blue Labels Boutique for various runway shows is one of my many talents.  😉

Traveling to different places, meeting new people and spreading the fashion love has been amazing!  Our most recent runway show was earlier this year at the Spirit Fashion Show on the Carnegie – Mellon Campus in Pittsburgh, PA.   It is one of my favorites, to date.

blue labels boutique planning for runway show

I am happy to announce that we are back at it!  That’s right, beauties. We will be hitting the runway on October 22nd at the Mid- America Center in Council Bluffs, IA.  We are in the process of making final outfit selections as we speak. (please excuse the clutter)

Runway shows are more than throwing clothes on a model and telling them to walk.  It involves lots of plotting, strategizing, styling, fittings, music, and more.  The outfits should convey your message and the models must feel awesome wearing it.  Also, the crowd should get style inspiration and feel the need to run shop immediately.  There’s alot going on, to say the least.  blue labels boutique spirit fashion show carnegie mellow university

The theme for this show is to inspire everyday women with work, school, party, and other overall post-worthy  OOTDs.  Then, how to transition those day looks to night.  But before the models can slay the runway, the room must be filled with music that will get everyone dancing in their seats.  Which is why the track list is made up of songs like; WorkTrap Queen, and slightly oldie but goodies like Shake It Off by Mariah Carey.  I’m dancing just thinking about it!

road trip holding hands

In true FNF style, we are taking the road trip from Texas to the show in Iowa. Hey, we have special cargo and it has to get there in one piece, right?!  Not only that but who wouldn’t love a road trip?!  I have found that the scenery from the passenger side of a sedan is much more interesting than flying (depending on your destination.)   So, a 14 hour drive will give us plenty of time to take in a few sights.  This fashion trip will take us through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska/Iowa (the location is pretty much right on the border of both.)  I’m so excited to see cities like Tulsa, Witchita & Topeka, and Omaha to name a few.  If you live in the area come out to see the show and shop with us.  Plus, make sure to follow FNF for behind the scenes info!

Any suggestions on a must see landmark, amazing restaurant, or another pit stop that is worth seeing along the way?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Stay Fearless 💋

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