7 Styles To Shop For In Fall/Winter ’16

Fall officially started a few weeks back.  But you can’t tell some of us that because we are still enjoying warm, sunny days, denim cutoffs and time by the pool.

Depending on where you reside, a leather moto jacket will comfortably keep you warm. Or you may find yourself in need of some serious gear to protect you against Mother Nature.  No matter which storm is headed your way, now is a better time than any to make sure you are stylish for its arrival.

Check out these 7 styles to shop for that will help you to fashionably, fight, fierce colder temps in Fall/Winter ’16…

  1. Let Your Shoulder Lean

 You can continue to rock cutout styles as the weather changes.  Thank goodness for that.  Make the look cold weather ready by going with long sleeves.

long sleeve dress with cutouts at shoulder outfit
Blood Red Dress | Chloe Boots

2.  Velvet, Suede, Leather, oh my…

One of my personal favorites about colder temps is the ability to wear other textures.  Suede, leather, velvet and other thicker materials don’t get to really play during the Summer.  Everything from suede flares to velvet skirts, leather gloves and more.  Fall is definitely the time to experiment with different fabrics.

3.  Rock the Trench

A trench coat is one of the best combinations of chic and flattering when it comes to outerwear.  The belt creates a defined waist and the bottom slightly flares out.  Thus, showing off the hourglass you’re hiding underneath.  🙌

sleeveless trench coat for women blue labels boutique
Sleeveless Trench Coat | Chinese Laundry Booties | Rimmel Lipstick | BLB Accessories

4.  Show your military support.

womens military inspired jacket, khaki womens cargo trousers, blue labels boutique
Salute Jacket | Chic Trousers

Military -inspired styles will be all over the place this Fall & Winter.  Rock it and prepare to be saluted like a fashion solider.

5.  Something mint, something blue…

These sorbert colors are usually in abundance during the Spring/Summer but don’t let that stray you.  Pairing these light, girly colors with dark, edgy colors is the color palette for Fall/Winer ’16.

mint colored dress with bell sleeves outfit
Belle Of The Ball Dress | Choies Boots | BLB Accessories
womens suede shift dress silver accessories silver loafers
Suede Baby Dress | Shoes – Pinterest | BLB Accessories

6.  Luxe Outerwear 

Stylish outerwear is of the upmost importance during Fall/Winter seasons for obvious reasons.  Since it will probably be seen alot more that your outfit, make sure to select one that makes you feel great

7.  Wrap Up In Wool

Wool will effectively keep you warm, for sure.  But that doesn’t mean wearing a hot, chunky cable knit sweater.  This two piece wool set is a great example of just how fly wool can be.

Which is your favorite?

Stay Fearless 💋

Looks available at Blue Labels Boutique.

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