This D.I.Y. Tip Will Refresh Your ❤️ For Denim

Most of us have had a long-term relationship with denim.  It has probably been in your life for as long as you can remember.  It has for me anyway.  You couldn’t tell me anything as a little girl when I wore a colored pair of Jordache jeans with my cowboy boots!

But as with any other relationship, it has its ups and downs.  If they are too tight you may feel smothered and restricted, like a clingy guy.  Other times, a great fitting pair can make you feel like the best looking thing in the room.  Similar to the Bae who always knows how to compliment his lady. 😉  It’s pretty clear we are united ’til death do us part.  So how does a fashionista refresh her relationship with denim without upgrading to a whole new pair?

Check out this super, super, super simple way to upgrade your jeans so you can get that love thing back! 💖

Your new fringe pants will go with everything from heels to boots.  Share your favorite fashion d.i.y tip…

Stay Fearless 💋

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