Handbags Trends When You Want Something Different

You have probably heard it said before that accessories can make or break an outfit.  Which I agree with 99% of the time.  But even though a handbag is considered an accessory, I’m convinced that it can make the outfit, but definitely not break it!

A bag can add a much needed pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit.  It’s the accessory that helps you to pull an outfit together, while going fashionably handsfree.  It’s just one of those universal pieces that a girl just can’t live without.  Now, new bag trends come in vary from being shaped like lips to being full metal and everywhere in between.  Which gives you even more of an opportunity to carry something different

So, if you are looking to add a unique bag to your collection, then take a look at these 5 new bag trends to cop right now:


It’s Time For Popcorn Bag $45

silver heart shaped bag that says Lady Luck

Lady Luck Bag, $35 – also available in gold

Perfume Bag $39.50

Rainbows & Tassels Bag $41.99 – available in 4 colors

Metal Clutch $49 -black or gold

As you can see, these bags can add instant style to your outfit.  Which is your favorite?

Stay Fearless 💋


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