10 Basic Jewelry Pieces That Look Good On Everyone

Jewelry store owner, Natalia Prostakova, shares her tips on picking the perfect pieces.

Chokers, feather earrings and massive necklaces may not be for everyone. Here are some basic tips on how make the best choice of jewelry.

Pick Items That Are In Harmony With Your body

Delicate and tiny jewelry can “get lost” on a curvaceous woman. It is better to choose bigger accessories. And vice versa – ladies with delicate constitution should avoid massive jewelry and wear almost invisible, light accessories.


With proper care gold and silver jewelry will last forever and will become your heirloom. If you wish to add some fashion jewelry to your collection – choose smart. High quality bijouterie should not contain nickel, cadmium, lead and chrome – they are toxic and might cause an allergy reaction. Choose fashion jewelry made of surgical steel with titanium layer or hypoallergic polish.


To mix and match jewelry make sure it has common features, such as shape or color. If you own a set of jewelry in which all items are very similar to each other by their design, try to wear maximum 2 items of this set together – a ring + a pendant or earrings + a ring. Otherwise you’re going to look provincial and cheap as if you’re wearing everything you have together.

Here are my Top 10 jewelry items that do look well on everybody!

1. A Pendant


A simple pendant on a thin chain looks nice and airy and V-shape of the accessory makes the silhouette longer and elegantly embellishes the neckline. Do not forget the rule of harmony – the more curvy the shapes are – the bigger the pendant and the thicker the chain.

2. Stud Earrings

beyindi stud earrings

It’s a must have. They will embellish your ears at the opera theater and during the morning run in the park. They might be round or any geometrical shape, with framing or without it, with low cost cubic zirconia or luxury diamonds. In any case stud earrings do not take too much attention and just accentuate the beauty of the face and a true taste of the wearer. Basic item – stud earrings with clear stones or white pearls.

3. Hoop Earrings

silver hoop earrings with diamonds

From small to big size – the choice should follow your face features and your preferences. The basic rule is – the earrings should look as light as a feather.

4. Classic Earrings


They are very feminine and are the best choice for a cocktail party. Basic item – middle size hoop earrings with crystals or clear stones.


5. Pendant Earrings


For special occasions choose pendant earrings with transparent or colored black or white stones. The length of the earrings should be proportional to your face and neck – the main rule is – the earrings should look light and comfortable to wear.

6. Watches


It’s not really jewelry, but it’s a very important accessory that influences the total look and style. It’s better to have a few watches for different seasons of the year. For example, white color watches are perfect for a spring and summer, while metal or leather ones look more proper during fall and winter.

7. Short Thin Chain


For your favorite pendant or light lavaliere. Optimal length – 45-55 cm.

8. Long Thin Chain


Makes your silhouette long and slim, best choice for Bardot neck. Optimal length – 100-120 cm.

9. Thin Ring


Very simple ring with smooth and thin base. Could be with a clear stone of moderate size.

10. Bracelet


A thin chain bracelet is a base accessory. Will suit any outfit. To add more personality to the look chose a bracelet with pendants or beads.

It’s easy to get lost in fashion trends and huge variety of jewelry. Shop smart, remember about these basic rules and jewelry combinations and you will always look stunning in any outfit and in every place.

About Natalie

My name is Natalie, I’m a founder of BeYindi online jewelry store. This project was born during my traveling in SouthEast Asia. I’ve visited more than 60 countries by now and I love to buy jewelry from local masters in every country I visit. I want to share my “traveling-for-jewelry” experience via my online store where any woman can find her favorite piece of jewelry.

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