Forget Carrie Bradshaw, These TV Actresses Have Great Style Too!

Girls from Sex In The City
Sex In The City | 📷 from Pinterest

In 1998, on a hot Summer night, I like the rest of the world, was introduced to Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte.  Miranda was my lawyer friend that had the pretty red hair and wore business suits that fit her body to perfection but who advise was shaky, to say the least.  Charlotte was my bestie who was somewhat of a prude but had a huge heart and is super lovable.  Samantha was my sexy and carefree friend who’s advise always ended in an orgasm, not that I’m complaining.  And Carrie…well, she was witty, had a dream job, a pick of two hot men (one of which was filthy rich) and had a fearless sense of style.  Yep, we were besties in my head!  Each Sunday,  we enjoyed sipping Cosmopolitans at the hottest spot in town,  partaking in the best convos that a girl squad could possibly have, while wearing the dress, those shoes, and that clutch that always made me feel like a million bucks!  Hey, living and working in Manhattan wasn’t easy but someone had to do it, right?

As you can see, the girls from Sex & The City are part of the squad and always will be!  But…is it just me or have you noticed that Carrie Bradshaw is almost, always mentioned as “the style icon”  when the topic of tv and fashion comes up.  I mean, the girl could DRESS, don’t get it twisted, her and her crew weren’t the only girls in the late 90’s and early 2000s that appeared on the small screen that had style that we should take note of.

Here are five tv shows that had a girl squad who killed the fashion scene during the same time…

Melrose Place 1992-1999

Although, this show ended one year after the premiere of Sex & The City, the fashion that was displayed on camera for 7 years cannot be forgotten.  The Melrose Place clan was less about dressing glam and more about being stylish in their everyday life.  Maxis, simple bodycon dresses, vests paired with a bodysuit and BF jeans were the styles you would find these girls in.  The ladies were even rocking off the shoulder tops with denim skirts.

Charmed 1999-2006

📷 Pinterest | Gifs

The witches from Charmed made fashion statements that all of us could’ve borrowed a tip or two from.  They didn’t shy away from wearing bold colors and patterns.  And like most women in their 20s…showing some skin was always in!  Pairing denim with anything cropped, sheer, crochet and other skin baring materials were staples in their wardrobe.

 Girlfriends 2000-2008

📷 Pinterest

Now, these girls were slaying waaay before the word became popular.   Firstly, each of them had an insane body so they would kill it in a brown paper bag.  Good thing, they didn’t because if they did, then you would’ve seen me wearing a bag, belted, with a cute pair of wedges.   Each of the girls had a different personality and their style said so.  Toni had sultry lips with a style to match and helped to influence my love of bold lipstick.   Maya was a tiny trash talker who could be found in front of the camera in a pretty, body con dress that put her body on full display.  Lynn was the boho chic who graced each episode in flowy dresses, tops, and let’s not forget her signature arm cuffs.   Joan confidently rocked chic jumpers, low cut dresses, and shoulder baring tops like a true fearless fashionista.

Felicity 1998 – 2002

📷 Pinterest

Felicity and her girl gang proved that you don’t have to dress like a bum to be a college student.  These fresh-faced girls wore tailored jeans, slim cut blazers, and smart loafers. The students styled in button front maxi dresses, lace up booties and hats with a brim.  Roaming the campus while handling the ups and downs of a college student never looked so stylish!

Moesha 1996-2001  

📷 Pinterest

The cast of Moesha was full of trendsetters!  The crew were also college students but bummy definitely wasn’t on the dress code.  Leather jeans, bold ethnic prints, headscarves and tie dye leggings with matching tops were just some of the looks that appeared on the show.  They defined, Go bold or go home!  And let us not forget how Moesha reminded us just how much we needed to rock box braids like an urban goddess.

As you can see, Carrie wasn’t the only stylish chic with an insanely fashionable squad. These shows were setting fashion trends, some of which, we are still rocking ’til this day.  And don’t you forget it. 😉

What stylish show would you add to the list that was relative during the Sex & The City era?

Stay Fearless 💋


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