Fearless Woman: Dawn Karima

Happy Friday!  Today is one of my favorite days of the week.   Not just because tomorrow is Saturday (my second favorite day) but also because it’s Fearless Woman Friday.  The day that I get to shine a spotlight on fearless women who are living their life…their way.   These stories fuel the fearlessness in everyone!
Dr. Dawn Karima is a Global Music Award Winner, radio talk show host and author.  She’s also a dancer, Indigenous Theologian, Filmmaker, Journalist, prominent speaker, educator and the list continues!   Find out how this busy woman juggles it all, overcome tremendous tragedy and still ives fearlessy.
I’ll let her explain in her own words…sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired.

Wanna keep up with Dawn?  Here’s how:

IG: @dawnkarima | Twitter: @dawnkarima  | FB: @dawnkarima 

Thanks for sharing your story, Dr. Dawn!  Feeling inspired?? Leave a comment…
Stay Fearless 💋

11 thoughts on “Fearless Woman: Dawn Karima

  1. Dawn is everything a beautiful soul can be: Brave, intelligent, compassionate, selfless, nurturing, loving, loyal, respectful and honorable. She has inspired me for years and lights the darkness wherever she goes. The world is more beautiful place because he is here.


  2. One of the more beautiful souls I’ve ever known who gives love freely. May the great Spirit bless you as I was blessed by bringing you into my life. Like the night sky lighting my darkness as you have done so many times Dawn. What a wonder I never knew till now. Wado ❤


  3. May y’all always be blessed for being so kind to me! Thank you for all the loving words in the comments! I’ll be happy to inspire your followers again anytime, FASHION NOT FEAR,this opportunity is much appreciated!


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