When Fashion Meets Art

definition of fashion, definition of art

Have you ever thought about how fashion and art go together like peanut butter and jelly? Just looking at the definitions alone, it’s plain to see that they certainly compliment each other.  Simply put…fashion is wearable art.  The artist or wearer is expressing themselves to the world with how they style the outfit.

Think about it, you probably didn’t design the outfit that you are wearing right now.  But you shopped for pieces that you found to be beautiful and displayed them on your blank canvas (or body 😉) however you were inspired to do so.  People interpret things differently so there’s no right or wrong to it.  Yet another benefit to being unique!  It’s all about how the art influenced you and how you choose to convey that.

Since most fashion coveters recognize style as a form of expression, it’s easy to appreciate how other artists decorate their blank canvas.  Check out these original pieces of art and the outfits that were born from their inspiration!

Artwork # 1 

picture of painting, blue ocean waves julie rekha
Ocean Waves by Julie Rekha

Outfit Inspiration

mint colored belle sleeve dress

Artwork #2

Gold Prosperity by Julie Rekha

Outfit Inspiration

gold black fringe dress metal clutch bag red lips

Artwork #3

Synapses by Julie Rekha
Synapses by Julie Rekha

Outfit Inspiration

red jumper with blue clutch shoes with lipstick heels

Art Inspiration #4

painting of lady wearing red lips by Rebeccah Dent
Fragile by Rebeccah Dent

Outfit Inspiration

taupe wrap dress

Art Inspiration #5

oil painting of woman belly dancing
Bellydancer by Dj Stief

Outfit Inspiration

navy Dress
Dont Ruffle My Feather Dress

Inspiration comes from everything you see, hear, and feel throughout your daily life, if you let it.  So it doesn’t hurt to take a moment to stop and allow the things around to inspire you. You never know how you will be painting your blank canvas next!

What inspires your style?

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