Styling In A Cape

Capes are one of my favorite trends.  The style is very simplistic but it’s so defining that it is the “it” piece to any outfit.  I’ve always found that it’s one of my most asked about garments when I go out wearing it.  “Where did you get that from?”“Now that’s interesting” or “love your cape” are just a few of the comments but I’ve surely heard them all.  Perhaps it’s the intrigue that a cape gives you.  Do people revert to their favorite cape wearing super hero and suddenly feel safe?   Or is it simply because the admirers know that the wearer of this fab piece is c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-t.  And they are either hating or appreciating.  Either way, who cares…a girl has to wear what makes her feel good, right?

So, if you already have one in your fashion arsenal or if you are considering coping one yourself, check out these chic ways to wear a cape!

  • Rock it with a flirty short skirt and booties.  This look is perfect for the office and after hours.
  • Go sexy with denim cutoffs and a body chain.
  • Add a lace top, jeans, and cute heels for a casual look.

Check out even more styles in this episode of Style Files Of A Fearless Chic!


Are you feeling the cape trend?

Stay Fearless 💋

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