You Need A Harness In Your Life! Here’s Why

If you consider yourself to be one of those people who like to wear something different, then coping a harness is right up your alley!   If you’re wondering how I came up with this idea, allow me to explain.  BLB Pop Up Shops gives me an opportunity to interact with bombshells face to face from all over the world.  And no matter where we pop up, there’s always the same reaction when people see a harness on a hanger.  They walk up to it, pick it up and say, “What is that?”  I’m always very happy to go into full stylist mode explaining how it can be worn with the outfit they are wearing and all of the ways it can be styled.  And their response?  Well, usually, the woman get excited and the men almost always make some sort of sexual reference such as, “You can wear that it in the bedroom, honey”.  8 times out of 10, that’s the response. 😳

This is why I determined that everyone needs a harness in their life and here’s more proof:

#1 – A harness will turn a regular tank and jeans outfit into one that will make you want to go out dancing!

#2 – A harness is like a statement necklace on a whole ‘nother level.

#3 – It’s unique, sexy, and you aren’t going to see everyone walking around wearing one.


 As proven, once you add it to your outfit, it’s basically the only accessory you will need.  A harness is a unique accessory that will make you stand out from the rest.  And isn’t that the point?  Wearing it in the bedroom is optional.  😉

Have you tried styling a harness?  Let me know how in the comments below.

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Stay Fearless 💋

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