gold cuff bracelets hanging in tree blue labels boutique

Gold Lovers Rejoice!

There was a time not too long ago when white metal accessories were the business!  If you were shopping for a new necklace, bangle, or any other accessory, more than likely you were opting for silver, white gold, or even platinum.  Probably because it was much more prevalent in the stores that gold.  But nowadays that’s no longer the case.  More and more, I’m noticing that gold is being worn like crazy, maybe even more than white metals?  Truth be told..there’s room in the jewelry game for both.  As a matter of fact, mixing the two metals and wearing them together is right on trend.

For those who considered gold to be out of style couldn’t be more incorrect on that notation.  It is and always will be a classic, timeless staple in jewelry and accessories.  This sexy metal glows against any skin tone and the color somehow gives the wearer a sense of royalty.  What’s not to love?

If you trying to get back in the gold game or just looking for something new to update your collection, then you will be happy to see what comes next.

Check out the hottest pieces out right now that will take your gold collection to a whole ‘nother level.

gold choker necklace with crystals blue labels boutique

Cleo Choker Necklace $29

gold geometric shaped earrings blue labels boutique


Heiress Earrings $21


bold cystal three layer stack ring blue labels boutique

Pave Princess Ring $15


gold beaded choker necklace blue labels boutique

Round The Way Girl Necklace $25.99

Gold fringe body chain blue labels boutique

Paladin Body Chain $19

gold eye brooch blue labels boutique

Third Eye Brooch $25


gold cuff bangle with marble accents blue labels boutique

Lock Me Down Bangle $39

tips on how to taking care of costume jewelry

Gold Lovers can rejoice!  See the entire jewelry collection here.

Which metal do you prefer; gold, silver, or do you like it all?

Stay Fearless 💋



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