Off The Shoulder & A Quickie

One of my favorite trends is definitely shoulder-baring dresses and tops.  The style is super versatile because you it can take you from work to date night with a simple tug of the sleeves! It’s also fun, flirty, and allows me to channel my inner 70s baby.  Shoulders are considered the sexist part on the body to some.  And don’t get me started on how glorious it feels when the wind brushes across my bare shoulders just right?  Or the grin on my face when I pair it with the perfect pair of chandelier earrings.  Whatever the reason, what’s not to love?

Strong, sexy shoulders also match very well with pieces that show off the shoulders.   But sometime life doesn’t leave us enough time to left in the day to pump iron for hours.  Good thing to doesn’t take hours.  If you’re ready to get those shoulders tight and right, grab a set of weights and come get a quickie with me…

Nothing like breaking a sweat right there in the middle of my office, naked mannequin in the background and all!  😉  But it’s just that simple.  How do you keep your shoulders ready to go?

Stay Fearless 💋

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