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Twerk-Proof Swimwear

Beach season is here!  As lovely as it sounds, how often do you get a chance to spend a day at the beach?  Between working, fighting traffic to get to work, going to school, squeezing in a workout and quality time with the fam’, there isn’t much time left to hit the beach.  Unless you have the luxury of living close by (lucky gal 😉).   Whatever time you get though, shouldn’t it be worth your while, right?
Let’s face it.  Choosing the correct swimwear can make or break your day at the beach.  That’s why it’s so important to consider what you will be doing before you make your selections for this Summer.  Will you be laying in the sun trying to master the perfect Summer glow?  Or doing something active like volleyball, throwing the football, etc?    If you’re just soaking up the sun, then there isn’t much to consider.  Skimpy as heck with sequin is perfectly fine!
But, if you are quite the opposite and would rather do something active, including twerkin’, than you might need to put a bit more thought into picking your swimwear?  Take it from a girl who took a 12 hour road trip to Florida for a birthday beach celebration in an amazing slightly bedazzled, triangle top bikini.  Volleyball, cooler with cocktails, bluetooth speaker, and playlist ready to go!  Although I felt great, I found serving the volleyball to be no easy task due to spillage.  And don’t even get me started on lack of being able to dance when the music was blasting because wedgie fear is R-E-A-L!  The entire weekend wasted on pulling, tugging, pushing, tying and re-tying my bikini.  It was a mess, but never again.  I left that weekend with a whole new theory on beach necessities.
Twerk-proof swimwear is an absolute #BeachDayMust!   Lesson learned.  Good thing, I went through it so you don’t have to. 😛  Check out my tips on finding a twerk-proof swimsuit.
  1. High Waisted Bottoms Are The Business – Forget the low-rise bottoms.   They are sexy but the risk of the butt crack making an appearance is highly possible!  High waisted bottoms will take care of that lil’ problem and they are just as sexy as the low-rise.

black and blue bikini with shirt style top Adore Me Swimwear

​Adore Me Collection​

2. Try Something New – Swimsuit styles have come along way.  We are well past the plain ol’ triangle bikini top.  Racerbacks, crop tops, there are so many alternatives available.   These styles not only keep the girls together but they are right on trend.😉

📷 by Angeline Litvin


3.  Shake Your Booty – Give it a test run.  Pick your top 3, take them to your dressing room and shake it!  Not enough to work up a sweat but at least do your signature moves (you know you have some).  Plan ahead just to make sure everything stays its proper place.  Twerk it to make sure, you can werk it. 😉

yellow bikini adore me swimsuit collection

​Adore Me Collection​

4. Stay Strapped – Make sure the straps fit properly.  Dancing, volleyball, running football plays, even eating a turkey burger on the beach won’t be easy with slipping straps.  Adjustable straps help to secure your straps for proper fit.

​Adore Me Collection​

5. The Cover Up – No matter how much you love showing off that beach body, everyone has a cover-up type at some point.  So make sure that your coverup is on point!  Pick something that makes you feel just as good as your swimwear.  Something slightly sheer is usually a good go-to.

Remember…no matter what you decide to wear, make sure to lather on your sunblock and stay hydrated with plenty of water.  Because with these tips, you will be jumping, shaking, and twerking all day long.
Do you have a Beach Day Must Have?  Leave a comment and let me know!
Stay Fearless 💋




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