Watching The NBA Finals? 4 Looks That Show Off Your Team Spirit

The 2016 NBA Finals has been quite a series!   If you are a fan than you know that watching it can put you on a serious roller coaster ride. From screaming “DEFENSE!” at the tv, trying to keep anxiety at bay when you want your team to win so bad, to crying if they lose (it happens).  But through it all, I’ve still thought, “What would I wear at the game?” or “How do I show my team support?”  Hey, I’m a fashion girl, I can’t help it!

If you’ve had fashion visions about showing off your team support at the finals this year then welcome to the party!

Check out these 4 looks you can rock to show off your team spirit without wearing a jersey 😉

burgundy trousers, burgundy sheer top, yellow purse, gold stud earrings


yellow lace tank, blue clutch, yellow heels

blue sheer sho


denim dress, blue clutch, Cavs hat, fur ball

Shop the looks at Blue Labels Boutique 

Only a few games left until we find out the winner.  And all I have to say is, GO CAVS!!!  Who are you rooting for?








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