9 Trends You Must Have For Summer & How To Makespace

“April showers brings May flowers”

“May drought brings the June sun out”

 These lil’ sayings have stuck with me since grade school.  ‘Til this day, I’m reminded of it every time seasons change.  Since it’s already June, we all know what type of weather it brings…H-O-T.  And I’m loving it!

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing blankets of vibrant-colored flowers in the grass, spending sunny days at the beach and road trips with the top down?!  That’s great but Spring/Summer is a fashionista fantasy because of the style!  This is our time to shed all of the layers of clothing, throw on chic sunglasses, bright nail polish and pretty spaghetti strapped dresses that blow in the Summer breeze!

If you’re as hype over it as we are, then you know that it’s time to get it together.  Good thing you have ended up in the right place, my dear!  Check out the latest must have trends for Spring/Summer of 2016.  Plus, how to make room for the girl who has lots of things and a little bit of space.

The Power Puff -You will find this adorable accessory clipped on handbags and/or keychains of every stylish celebrity and blogger around.  – Shop the Ball & Chain Bag Accessory

Lady Luck Handbag - Blue Labels Boutique
Lady Luck Handbag – Blue Labels Boutique

Bags That Talk – The perfect bag is a must for any outfit.  And rocking one that speaks for you is even better.  If you are into fun and unique, then this is the trend for you. – Cop the Lady Luck Bag


Cool Sunnies, baby! – Nothing says cool like a great pair of sunglasses. And this season, it’s all about two things: modern shapes and reflective lenses.  – Get shade with these sunglasses 

Get Your Denim Together – Denim will forever be a classic staple.  Put a twist on denim with a shift dress.  Fun, flirty, and perfect for any occasion. – Shop The Dress 

large faux leather handbag with colorful tassels blue labels boutique
Lady Luck Handbag | Blue Labels Boutique


A Carryall Bag – For weekend trips or a day at the beach, you will need a big, stylish bag that will carry everything including the kitchen sink at some point this Summer.  – shop the bag!

black lace off the shoulder top
Shoulder Lean Top | Blue Labels Boutique

Show Off Them Shoulders, Girl! – Off the shoulder styles are the business this season.  Shoulder- baring tops and dresses are a serious must! – shop the Shoulder Lean Top

red pants jumper blue labels boutique
High Fever Jumpsuit | Blue Labels Boutique

Jump Into A Jumper – Whether you’re a fan of jumpers or not, the style has arrived and isn’t departing anytime soon.  Finding one that fits well and feels comfortable is key.  Plus, they are so versatile.  When you find the perfect one, it will be the only one you need!  – shop the High Fever Jumpsuit

Yellow Lace Back Tank Blue Labels Boutique
Yellow Lace Back Tank | Blue Labels Boutique

Get Mellow Yellow – Yellow is the color of the season!  You will find everything in shades of lemonade these days and thank goodness for it.  It looks amazing on all skintones and it’s so bright and cheery. – shop the Lace Back Tank


Rock faux –  Most put leather, suede, fur and these type of textiles in the Winter/Fall category.  But you can remove it from that category because they are seasonless.  Balance out the look for in warmer temps by pairing them with pieces that are light and airy.  For instance, a faux leather skirt worn with a chiffon tank and strappy shoes make an a sexy Spring/Summer outfit.  – shop the leather skirt/suede dress/suede flares.

These styles will definitely make you a trendsetter!

So, now that you are adding new things to your collection,  where are you going to store all of your Winter/Fall gear?

 If your closet is anything similar to mine, then you may find yourself having to remove a couple of things before you can fit anything new in there.  I mean, the racks are crammed tight with clothes, shelves are packed with accessories and you can barely walk in due to the shoes that are lined up all over the floor.  Sound familiar?  It’s a nightmare because if there’s one thing a fashionista needs; it’s closet space.

MakeSpace & Blue Labels Boutique

If you can relate, then allow me to help you with the overstuffed closet blues.  Makespace is the cure!  They are a full service storage company that will come to your home, pick up your things and store it in their storage facility.  Best of all it’s simple, affordable and you don’t even have to leave the house!

All you have to do is…

MakeSpace Schedule Pic

Contact Makespace and set up a pick up time.  They will come up to your door and provide free moving bins to store your items.  There’s no need to worry about getting those ugly, brown boxes and rolls of tape.  Then…

MakeSpace Clothes In Bin

Pack your Winter/Fall belongings and gather any larger items that won’t fit in the provided bins.  They will pick it all up and take it to their secure storage facility.  They even help you to create a visual inventory of your things so you will know what is packed away.  Forget to pack something?  Just contact them to order back bins for more storage whenever you want. If you change your mind about something that you’ve packed, no worries!  Simply, contact them and they will deliver the bin back to you.  You never have to leave the house.

From a few things that won’t fit in the closet to a bunch of stuff that won’t go anywhere  in your place at all, it doesn’t matter, they got you.  It’s like having your very own personal moving company but much, much, cheaper.  Talk about convenient!  Check here to see if Makespace is available in your area.  You’ll thank me for it!  😉

What are you most looking forward to this Summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Fearless 💋



3 thoughts on “9 Trends You Must Have For Summer & How To Makespace

  1. […] When going through your piles, you may believe that you want to keep more items than you’re tossing out. This is where you want to take a step back and look at things on the whole. Will you be happier with having more space in your home? If so, then learn to say goodbye to the things that serve no purpose in your life. Of course there will just be some things in your life that you’ll need to keep but you won’t be using immediately. For seasonal storage and convenient retrieval, look into storing your stuff with MakeSpace, a leader in full service storage. […]


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