Family Traditions

Running a business is very time-consuming!  It seems like every single minute of the day, I’m sitting behind a computer working on something for FNF, BLB, sending & answering emails, and a long list of other activities that go along with being an entrepreneur.  It’s something that I’m so passionate about and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

 And even though I live, sleep, and breathe business; there are a few things that force me to put the computer on sleep mode.  Fitness, food, faith, and my family.

Fitness, my day stops for at least 1 hour, 5 days a week to stay active.  No excuses.  Food…ummm, a girl has to eat, right?  Growing up in the church, I’ve always always known that everything starts and ends with my faith.   And finally, family is everything to me!   Which is why on each Sunday afternoon, you will find me at my parents house for family dinner.  So, here’s a quick glimpse into what it’s like.

pic of kristie & shai

Saturday nights we are usually doing something that involves late nights and cocktails.  And the night before was no exception.  Dinner starts at 1, which means we are always running late.  But we jump in the car and are on our way!

food on Sunday dinners

Corn on the cob, cornbread dressing, and taco bake (made with turkey).

As you can see Mom could care less about calorie counting.  Sundays are made for splurging! 😉

Kristie, Rachelle, Mama, blue Labels Boutique

My sister, me, and my Mom.  Mama does the cooking, my sis and I do the cleaning.  For some reason, my family is convinced that I’m horrible at cooking.  Maybe it’s the kitchen fire that I started in one of my first apartments trying to fry chicken?  Or maybe, it’s the time, I made a German Strudel for our themed Christmas Party and everyone thought it was a fish?  Been trying to redeem myself ever since!

food blue labels boutique

Baked chicken, fried chicken and steak.  Not to mention the cakes, bread, and other “healthy” options available.

glenn family

Family is usually spread throughout the house the whole day.  In the game room, my brother, niece, nephew gather to cheer on the Texas Rangers.  My oldest niece is away at college so she was missing from the picture. 😢

the parents blue labels boutique

Meet the parents ❤️

Kristie Glenn Blue Labels Boutique

I kept it casual on this Sunday in the Shoulder Lean Top and jeans.  The picture in the background was of my deceased grandfather.

cleaning up the kitchen blue labels boutique

After a few hours of stuffing our face and letting it settle, it was clean up time.  Time to throw on a tank and get it done!

Family is just one of those things.  It’s like they are such a blessing but can be such a pain in the butt.  But let’s be real, we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?  I wouldn’t for sure!

What traditions do you share with your family?  Comment below!

Stay Fearless 💋

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