How To Rock Neon Without Looking Like A Highlighter

Neon is glowing this season!  The color neon is popping up everywhere from the red carpet to the runways of some of the biggest designers.  But don’t let the word NEON send you into a freaky, fashion nightmare.  It doesn’t mean wearing bright orange from head to toe.  Don’t let the 80s flashbacks when everyone and their Mama rocked lime green headbands and neon pink shoelaces make you run screaming the other way?!  You can stay calm sister, because the days of modeling your outfit after Punky Brewster and Cyndi Lauper are over.   No shade to them, but we are grown women now so hot pink shoe laces ain’t gonna cut it!  So with that in mind…how does a women style in neon the “grown and sexy way”?  Check out these style tips and other things to know before you glow in neon this season…

picture of peach printed crop top, gold body chain, and neon coral flats - blue labels boutique
Blue Labels Boutique Paris Visit Crop | Leaf Body Chain

Make it a splash and not a full glass.

A neon dress with neon pumps, neon clutch and that hideous neon lip color is too much for one person to handle.  Make a splash in neon.  Keep it to one or 2 pieces  at a time…

neon coral crop mini skirt tan braided belt fringe shoes
Vintage Neon Tee | Blue Labels Boutique Wrap Skirt | Steve Madden Fringe Heels
neon green top with cut out holes, denim shorts
Blue Labels Boutique Lite Bright Top| Levi Denim Cutoffs

Balance it with subtle colors.

Style it with subtle colors like white, black, gray, camel, tan, and of course, denim.  This will help you avoid that whole “looking like a highlighter” thing.

pic of neon green short sleeve top with jeans
Blue Labels Boutique Lite Bright Top

The silhouette is uber important!

Try it on and be honest with what you see in the mirror.  If it’s too tight or too short, then it’s not the piece for you. The color is already attention-grabbing.  Which means an ill-fitting neon outfit can leave you looking like an adolescent who is playing dress up in cheap clothes.  So to avoid that tragedy, make sure it fits!

pic of lady wearing a head scarf

Put it on your head.

Try something new.  Wrap a neon printed headscarf around your hair for a cool 70s vibe!

neon yellow nail polish blue labels boutique
Not ready for clothes or headgear?  

Keep it simple with neon polish on your digits and twinkling toes!

pic of women wearing neon
pic from

No matchy-matchy

Please, please, please don’t match your makeup to the neon you are wearing.  Keep it neutral on the face too.  There are some bold, neon lip color out there that is really awesome.  If you decide to go with neon lips, keep the colors in your outfit simple.  Trust me! 😉

sewing neon pink fabric
pic by Kris Atomic

Be a material girl!

This is one of the best times to be a material girl!  Check the material, to make sure that it isn’t unintentionally sheer and is thick enough to not expose your goodies.  The goal is to look great in your street style,  not look like you’re a street walker!

Did I miss any tips?  Leave them in the comments below…

Stay Fearless 💋


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