BLB On The Runway At A Basketball Halftime Show

Blue Labels Boutique was invited to participate in a fashion show during halftime at a Texas Fuel basketball game.  We happily accepted!

The invite was received only a few days before the event but we made it happen.  Stay ready so you never have to be ready, right?

Here are some of the pics captured during the event.

A quick selfie before the rush starts.  Why the heck do all of my selfies’ look like this?? 😳

Dressed and ready to go…these beauties are waiting for the show to start.  Oh, the life of a model!

FullSizeRender-7The time on the clock dwindles down to zero in the second quarter and the girls get lined up and ready to go.

With no time to plan for camera/lighting and the whole set up…the show must go on!  Check out what we were able to capture on a camera phone.

It’s showtime!


Thanks to all of the beauties who rocked the show and came out to support!

Stay Fearless 💋

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