The Monday Mash-Up

Happy Monday!  Pour your coffee, take a sip, and take a look at some fashion-related news that you can use.

  1. Kanye Wests’ Latest Collection

On Thursday of last week, Kanye West debut his newest fashion collection along with his album at Madison Square Garden.  I was lucky enough to stream the event live on Tidal, so it felt like I had some sort of behind the scenes access!  Picture this…a huge stadium filled with people, with two huge silky sheets of fabric billowing upwards to create a sort of dome to cover what was going on underneath.   Off to the side, Kanye can be seen orchestrating what is about to happen, talking to this person, pointing in different directions, and adjusting what looks to be a playlist on his phone or something.  Suddenly, the must starts and you can’t help to bob your head to his music that was pumping out of those speakers.  Then, just as you’re are grooving to the music and can no longer stand the anticipation…the sheets come down, and they finally reveal what’s going on under all of that fabric.  Two tall high rises full of models.  One of female models and the other was men.  Plus, hundreds (at least it looked like hundreds) of models on the floor surrounding the high-rises.  Not to mention legends Naomi Campbell and Veronica Webb graced the scene!  Each of them wearing a mean-mug and Kanyes’ collection.  The unique color blocking, luxe fabrics,  tantalizing textures, and stunning silhouettes left me wanting to shop the collection right away.  For me, music and fashion have always gone together like wheat rice and soy sauce.  If I’m feeling sexy, you might catch me in the closet looking for my favorite bodycon dress while dancing to Miguel.  Or rocking future Future and riding with the roof open in my ripped denim, crop, and floppy hat.  It’s all about the mood that fashion and music give.  Kanyes’ show mixed fashion and music that set an inspirational mood for me, for sure.  Take a look images available from Kanye West show and let us know what mood it gives you?

2. NBA All Star Weekend

The past few years of NBA All Star Events have not been as exciting as they used to.  But this year was something different.  The celebrity game left me laughing so hard that I was crying.  Plus, the 3 point shooting and slam dunk contest left me leaping off the couch like a frog.  Yep, it was definitely the best in quite some time.  But as usual, I kept a keen an on the fashion.  Toronto was super cold so it was definitely fun to see how people styled themselves in that cold ass weather!  Take some time to check out your fave celebs Instagram and you’re sure to see their All Star style.

3. The EE BAFTA Film Awards 2016

This British-based award show honors the best British and worldwide talent.  It kicked off Sunday and let me tell you,   some of the attendees set the red carpet on fire!  Check out looks caught on the red carpet and let us know which looks are your fave? (AOL)

4. Rhianna Debuts A Fashion Collection

Kanye wasn’t the only music star to debut clothing in NYFW.  Rhianna also debut get her new collection.  It is the epic mix of  athleisure style with lots of sex appeal.  This girl knows how to speak through her collection.  She stayed true to her fashion form.  Nothing like a fearless chic who has style!  Chic out pics caught from her show and let us know what you think of the collection? (Glamour)

Thoughts?  Leave a comment below…

Stay Fearless 💋

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