The Monday Mash Up

Happy Monday.  You may not be happy that it’s Monday, but thats what it is so guess we have to get over it! 😉  If you find yourself feeling not so jovial, there’s nothing like fashion to brighten your day, right?

Welcome to the Monday Mashup.  Each week, BLB will share a few highlights on what occurred in the fabulous world of fashion over the weekend.  So grab a cup of coffee, sip, and take a look at tea that you can discuss with your girls on your lunch break today.

  1.  Beyonce dropped a new single, Formation, and the fashion that she’s rocking in this video is everything!   We’re talking bold prints, hot pants, lace, box braids…I’m getting excited just thinking bout it.  If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a link to the video. ( What’s your favorite look?

2. Actress, Aujanue Ellis, arrived on the NAACP red carpet in a gorgeous white, long-sleeve, cleavage baring dress but there was something a bit different about this look than we have seen before.  The front of the dress displayed words giving her opinion on a political topic that is going on in Mississippi right now.  Take a look at her dress here. (  What’s your take on this issue?

3. Susan Sarandon’s 62-year old cleavage.  My take on wearing sexy styles is and always will be to rock it, while you got it!  I mean if the girls are looking good, why not put them on a display just a lil’ bit? Thats just my opinion and everyone has one.   Apparently tv show host, Piers Morgan, thinks differently and posted his opinion on twitter.  Take a gather at her bustling cleavage and what Mr. Morgan had to say about it.  (  Should there a cleavage curfew once women hit a certain age, what do you think?

4.  Mens Fashion Week!  I didn’t have the pleasure of attending but the pics.  Oh my goodness…  Male models, athletes, the fashion, the parties, it definitely looked a like a good time.  Warning: before checking out the pics, grab a piece of for your drool and check out the pics here. (

Have a great week and go make your own fashion news!

Stay Fearless 💋

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