The Brooch Isn’t Just For Your Granny

One of the people that influenced my love of fashion was my grandmother (not pictured above) on my fathers side.  My parents weren’t married and I lived with my mother so I didn’t get to see my grandmother all of the time.  But when I did, her style left me in awe.  She had a creamy caffe latte complexion and a perfect head of long, black hair.  She kept her manicured, pointy nails painted red with a fancy diamond ring on almost each finger.  And her clothes…oh my goodness!  Everything fit like a glove and I always took note of how her accessories always added the perfect detail.  This woman defined glam.  One of my fave was the way that she wore a brooch.  Those little shiny things seem to change everything about her outfit!

Say the word brooch today and some run for fear of sounding ol’ skool or Granny.  But don’t get it twisted, you may have seen your granny rocking a brooch but it isn’t just for your lil ol’ grandmother.  Yep, you can steal grannies style and make it your own.  Plus, if you are a glam girl then a brooch is right up your fashion alley!

Still not sure?  You’re sure to be convened with these 3 ways to a brooch even better than Granny (just don’t tell her that 😉) .

On A Turban or head wrap 

Angela Simmons – Instagram

On Your Top Collar or Jacket Lapel

Rhianna – Pinterest

In Your Hair – pull your hair in a bun and attach them to your hair.  Make sure to use enough strands to keep it study and keep it from sagging. 

Model at Dolce & Gabbanna runway show (

 Wear them on your skirt waistband, your leather gloves, your handbag…style options are endless.   Guess it’s time to raid your grandmothers jewelry box for goodies.

Happy Styling!  Thoughts?

Stay Fearless 💋








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