Style Files Of A Fearless Chic: Styling At The Office

Happy Saturday!  One of the best things about today is that for most people, it’s a “pants are optional” kind of day.  You’re off of work (hopefully) so you can wear whatever the heck you choose to.  Since Monday through Friday, you have to adhere to the dress code policy at your 9 to 5, we use the weekend to really turn up the style, right?

You know how it goes:

Knee length skirts only; but my legs are my best asset

No sheer; come can you deny sheer?

Closed-Toe shoes only; so I can’t show off my fresh pedi?

Blazers required; guess no one wants to see my FLOTUS arms?

and the list goes on.  So how’s a fearless chic supposed to style with all of those rules?

Alex solves that problem for you this week with tips on how to keep it stylish when your employer says those two words make you cringe, Business Casual


See ya’ next Saturday!

 Penny for thoughts?? Email them to alex@bluelabelsboutique or leave a comment below.

Stay Fearless 💋

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