3 Ways To Use Color Blocking Instead Of A Waist Trimmer

Instagram is flooded with pics of people who solemnly swear that wearing their waist trimmer is the best way to obtain the ultimate silhouette. Nevermind that their stomach is being sucked in so much that breathing isn’t the most comfortable thing. Lets also not forget about all of the sweating their stomach is doing under that thing.  No shade to my waist trim wearers out there but there’s another way to achieve hourglass figure status. You can do it with style. A more comfortable, less sweaty solution is colorblocking!

Simply put, colorblocking is mixing bold, bright colors in one outfit.  There can be an artform to colorblocking. It’s a fun way to mix and play with different color palettes. But with proper color placement, it can give you the shape you want and it’s super easy!

Pop off the trimmer, Breathe and check out these 3 colorblocking tips that will leave everyone else thinking, “What kind of waist trimmer is she wearing?”

TIP # 1

Place darker colors in the areas that you want to minimize. Wearing a darker color in the middle, like here, makes that waist look slim and trim.

TIP #2

Matching color-blocked panels on the curve of your hips give you a serious hourglass shape.

TIP #3

Keep accessories simple.  They shouldn’t compete with your outfit.

imageTake these quick tips, give your tummy a rest and colorblock instead!  Thoughts?

Stay Fearless 💋





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