Styles You Can Steal From Your Mans’ Closet

When you’re in the mood to style yourself with something different and feminine, your guys closet is probably the last place you are thinking about going into for ideas.  If you are anything like me, you love to throw on one of your mans oversized shirts when you’re chilling around the house and odds are…he loves it too!  But if you both love the mens-inspired look that you rock at home, why not consider taking that look to the street?  Your baes’ closet could be a fashionistas dream and you didn’t even know it.  Don’t be scared of taking this look outside of the house.  Here are four pieces that you can easily steal from his closet and rock it like a mofo!


Actress, Shraddha Kapoor, looks sexy as hell rocking a bow tie.

Suspenders – wear them with a cute flirty skirt, trousers and even jeans.  Just make sure to adjust them so that they fit you properly.

Model, Kendall Jenner, gets it right in this look!

A Suit – if he has a suit that he no longer wears or no longer fits him, tell him to pass it over to you.  A few nips and tucks from a good seamstress and you have a suit that will make his mouth hit the floor.

Singer, Ciara, shows us how its done in this menswear inspired suit.

A Baseball Hat – not only does is it great when your hair isn’t cooperating but it’s looks super sexy with a simple tee and jeans.  You can turn it up even more with a red lip and simple stud earrings.

Model, Gigi Hadid, looks effortlessly cool and sexy in this baseball hat.

Yep, it’s that easy.  No give your Bae a kiss and go raid his closet.  Happy Styling!

Thoughts?  Holler at us in the comments below.

Stay Fearless!

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