18 Pieces That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Style is in the eye of the beholder.  What you think looks, ah-mazing, may leave others thinking, what the hell is she wearing?, but who cares…you have to do you, right?  You are free to make your own fashion rules. BLB encourages it as a matter of fact.  But has their ever been a time when you thought, “is this look in?”  Oh come one, it’s had to have happened at least once!  Thank goodness we have this list to clear your mind of that question.  Check out BLBs list of 18 fashion pieces that will never go out of style.

Relax and take notes, bombshell…

The Oxford Style Blouse – they are sooo versatile. You can go from conservative business woman to sexy siren by just opening a couple of top buttons.  That’s all the reason needed to  keep this top in the front of your closet.

Pic of Rhianna & friend
Rhianna rocks her oxford style top with a shorty & flirty skirt. (Instagram)

Stud Earrings – there’s a million and one variations of them but the classic stud earrings will never go it of style.

Double-sided stud earrings

Anything Leather – it may be out of season due to the weather but leather will never go out of style.  Is it just me or does wearing leather make you feel like an instant badass?

Leather wrap skirt and burgundy sheer top blue labels boutique

Denim – it’s probably most peoples top pick for clothing. This textile easily dresses up or down for any occasion. It’s a no-brainer!

Girl in denim cuffing pants

Trousers – Work, church, a business meeting, cocktail hour…that’s just a few places that are screaming for you to slide on a pair of trousers.  They are chic and always add that needed “dressiness” to any top!

Buckle Me Up Trousers

Blazers –  seasonless and the perfect chameleon piece for your wardrobe.  The outfit options are endless and nothing says, “I know style” like a well-fittedblazer.  Keep one in your capsule collection.

Olive green women's cape blazer, blue labels boutique
Cape Blazer

Color – my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head when I hear a “fashion expert” say that a certain color is out of season.  That’s just crazy.  Wear whatever hue that you choose whenever the hell you choose!

The Paris Visit Top and Skirt Set

Wrap Dresses & Skirts – the wrap style creates a slimming, hourglass silhouette on anyone who wears it…no bs.  This is exactly why the style has been going strong since the 60s.  It’s amazing!


Gold Jewelry – there was a time not too long ago when everything was only available in some sort of white metal…silver, platinum, white gold, as if yellow gold didn’t exist.  Yellow gold is a classic in any form of jewelry,  there’s no expiration date on this classic.(readers note: this is my actual hand, please excuse the paper cut,  fashion can be a dirty game 😉)

The Live With Passion Bangle & Open Luxe Bangle

Inspirational Jewelry – If you wear jewelry that keeps you going then, rock it and never take it off. So you can wear your cross like it’s 1999 or 2099!

Seek wisdom & Love/Happy Bangle

Trousers – Looking for dressy pants? Meet trousers…they are the perfect alternative for dressing up without wearing a dress.  From church, to work, to happy…all in the same day.

Buckle Me Up Trousers

Heels – this one is self explanatory.  They’re everything!

Pink suede BCBG heels

Leggings – leggings have a bad rep according to some but leggings aren’t going anywhere.  Now, it’s important to address that some legging wearers have abused them.  Leggings aren’t pants, they are leggings.  Wear them with tops/dresses, coats…it doesn’t really matter jut be sure to cover the goods.  Again…leggings are not pants!

Black and white printed leggings - blue labels boutique
Head Honcho Leggings

Crops – There’s been a surge in crop wearers lately but this isn’t  a new trend.  From extreme crops that hit right below the boob to sweaters that fall right at the top of your pants line…crops are here to stay!

The Dont Block Me Cropped Cardigan

Maxi dresses – There’s nothing like a long, flowy dress to make you feel sexy.  Less is more with a maxi and that feeling is loved by everyone.  Don’t say goodbye to your maxi collection.

Boho Queen Maxi Dress

Red lips – lipstick is probably the most inexpensive accessory you can get your hands and it’s the most effective.  Don’t underestimate the power of a bold lip color.  It’s instant glam.  And red lips have held it’s place in fashion a long, long, long time ago and will continue to be.

Owner of Blue Labels Boutique, Kristie Glenn, red lipstick selfie

Hats – Fedoras, wide brimmed, baseball cap…hats are a definite timeless accessory.


Confidence – Nothing grabs attention or looks good on you better than being confident in yourself. Everyone around you will see it too!

Thoughts? What would you add to it? Leave your comments below.

Stay Fearless!

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