BLB Trunk Show NYE Party

On NYE, we threw a trunk show for all of the party goers that were coming to downtown San Antonio to bring in their 2016.  The invites were posted on our social media pages for everyone to come out and get their NYE celebration started early.

The morning of the event was so hectic!  As usual, I was running out grabbing champagne bottles, sweets, glasses, plates…basically everything needed to throw a decent party.  I haven’t quite figured out why I always wait until the very last minute to put things together but I’ve been like this my entire life!  And somehow, everything always falls right into place.  Whether it’s because there’s nothing I can do at that point or maybe because the event actually is perfect.  But since a time machine doesn’t exist (yet) to go back and change things, I’m usually well into going with the flow once the party begins.


Cake, cookies & champagne were on the menu.  Great way to bring in 2016 unless diet was on your list of resolutions.

Upon walking up the steps into the Blue Labels Boutique, you will always find a can full of props for selfies and pics!  For the party, we decided to bring the can inside and it was a big hit!


We had fabulous other entrepreneurs at the event as well.

Angelique Champ – Younique
Brittany Finn – Wine At Home
Maria De La Rosa – Perfectly Posh
Swati’s Henna provided amazing henna designs to trunk show shoppers


Unfortunately, there was mishap in the dressing room.  Okay, a toddler was left unattended and this happened.  Fortunately, the baby wasn’t hurt.  Note to self: remind people to look after their babies.

It was completely my intention to provide lots of pics for the event but did I mention we have free flowing champagne?  A girls best friends…. more pics next time.  Cheers!  Thanks to everyone who came out to shop and enjoy the event with us.

                    Stay fearless!

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