To Bang Or Not To Bang…That Is The Question!

There are certain situations that can give a stylish woman sleepless nights.  The anticipation of getting ready for an upcoming event, the disappointment of not finding the shoes you’ve been looking for and our hair.  Hair being the most important thing, of course.  Yes…we stresses over the tresses!  As well we should, the crown of glory on top of your head is like the ultimate accessory.  The wrong hairstyle can kill your outfit no matter what you’re wearing.

When it’s comes to hair we usually fall into one of two categories.  You’re either a Serial Changer, meaning you change it up as often as you change nail polish.  Or you’re a Commitment Queen, you found a flattering hairstyle some years ago and have decided to just go with it.  No matter which category you fall into, every women needs a little tune up every now and then.   And although some may find it scary, even the slightest change can give you just tune up you’ve been looking for.   With the seasons changing from Summer to Fall, this is the perfect time to try a new look.   Simply wearing bangs this season can turn your look all the way up!  Or can they?  These forehead friendly hairs are like alot of things in life.  you either like them or you don’t.  That’s why I decided to help you make the decision by answering the question.  To bang or not to bang?  Let’s take a look!

For inspiration, I did a lil’ bit of research to see who else had tried out the bang life?
Instagram – Tia Mowry
Beauty, Tamera Mowry – Housley, took on bangs and instantly changed her look from demure Sister, Sister to sultry hot momma!
gwen stefani bangs
pic – UK Daily Mail
Gwen Stefani went from being bored, bang-less to rocking out in a sexy side swept bang.
After being bang-less my entire life, I decided to see what this bang life was about to help you make a well informed decision.  Here’s what I found:
  • Completely changes your look.  The reception to my new ‘do was great.  Going into meetings, I continuously heard, “I like your hair like that, what did you do different?”  They knew something was different but couldn’t quite put their finger on it.  Sexy and mysterious???  I liked that!
  • Easy maintenance.  Simply use a flat iron to keep them together.
  • Versatile – blunt cut, side swept, eyelash length, short Betty Paige style, the options are endless.
  • Depending on the length you go with, you can save time on getting ready.  With longer lengths, you may find the need for eyeshadow unnecessary.  Eye liner, mascara, add lipstick and you’re ready to go!
  • After joining the bang crew, I started to look around to see how many women had bangs vs. the amount that didn’t.  I found that more women were bang-less.  This works perfectly if you aim to be different.
  • Give yourself some time to adjust.  The first week, I must’ve rearrange them at least 50 times throughout the day.
  • When sweating, they just stick to your face.  So before heading to the gym, you may want to throw on a stylish headband to hold them off your face.
  • Do your research before the big chop.  It’s a commitment, once they are cut, there’s no going back!
As you can see the pros definitely outweighed the cons.  I’ve got my bangs poppin’ with no plans to turn back, not just yet anyway.   To Bang or Not To Bang…if that is the question.  My answer? Bang, bang baby!
Are you a bang girl or no?  Share your stories and/or tips below.  Don’t be afraid try something new this Fall with your hair…happy banging! 😉

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